Toontown Through a Keyhole

Surf's Up!

Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day.  

A very clever aloha shirt featuring Jessica, fetchingly attired in a grass skirt and a pair of coconuts, with her long board.

Welcome To The Dork Side

Wolfman's T-shirt of the Day.  

From my recent visit to The Museum of Science.

This Tee just tickles the bejeezus out of me.  I suspect because I came over to the dork side a long, long time ago.  And I do so love pi.

Gary K. Wolf's Roger Rabbit Giveaway Extravaganza!

Win extremely rare autographed Roger Rabbit goodies!  I'm giving away a Blu-ray DVD of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a printed copy of my new novel Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?  And an honest to goodness zillion simoleon note.  You can live like royalty in Toontown with a zillion simoleons.  Watch the video, and find out how to win.

The Original Kinky Logo.

Wolfman's Jacket of the Day.  

This is the summer weight Who Framed Roger Rabbit crew jacket.

It has the original logo with a pair of handcuffs dangling off the underscore.  The handcuffs were removed from the logo before the movie came out.

I suspect Disney/Spielberg did not want to give the impression this was some kind of kinky bondage movie. Instead of the non-kinky story of the love affair between a rabbit and a woman.

A real, live red-headed Jessica!

Wolfman's Tee and Me.

This is me wearing yesterday's Jessica Rabbit Tee. Standing beside me is my gorgeous red-headed yoga instructor Jess Ray. I repeat.  I'm standing next to a honest to goodness red-headed Jessica!
How many authors can say they know a real-life incarnation of their best-looking and sexiest character? 

Color Jess red.  Color me lucky!

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Roger Rabbit characters © Walt Disney Pictures / Amblin Entertainment, Inc.